Home for Mental Well-being

Hi, and welcome to Self Therapy, your home to achieve mental well-being. This journey will lead you to the exploration of our mind through mindfulness, meditation, and science. 

So, let us master our minds and influence the way we live our life. 

What can you expect out of this journey

#1: Increased Focus

Mindfulness is a practice to stay in the present moment and avoid any distractions which in fact helps increase focus.

#2: Calmness

Meditation brings a sense of calmness, peace and balance that helps supports mental well-being.

#3: Mental Clarity

Mindfulness is a way to clear up all the mind's clutter and thus achieve mental clarity.

#4: Memory Boost

Regular meditation increases blood flow towards brain and builds strong blood network flow to boost memory.

#5: Positivity

Meditating makes us forget worrisome thoughts for a while and as we keep on practising regularly it becomes a habit leading to a positive attitude towards life.

#6: Self Awareness

In the end it's all about the self. As you meditate you become more and more you.

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