Here And Now: Being Present In This Moment

illustration of lost mind, and present body.

Let us honest with ourselves. Physically, we are here in this present moment. Are we mentally here?

The human mind is like a song playing; we can keep it playing at the current tempo or change the playback speed. However, it sounds melodious when it is played at the right tempo. The same goes for our minds. We can be in the present, we can speed up to the future, or we can slow down to stick to the past, but mental well-being comes comes only when we live in this present moment.

Why does being present matters?
There are several benefits to being present. First and foremost, being present makes you aware. For instance, it could make you better listener or a better observer. Secondly, it presses the brake on overthinking and, hence, restricts the mind from being overwhelmed with unnecessary thought that have happened in the past or could happen in the future. Lastly, controlling your thoughts and your mind to stay in the present could reduce stress and overall contribute to mental well-being.
On the other hand, an absent mind could lead to fuzzy memory, stress, mistakes while performing a task, conflicts with loved ones, etc. Hence, the choice is clear, and being present is the way to live.
How can I be more present?

 I should say that being present is a habit that can adopted over time. We humans have a natural tendency to bounce back and forth between the past and the future. However, we should remember that it must be a visit and not a stay.

So, here are few tips to help you live in the present moment:
1. Focus on you breath.
Mindful breathing act as a reset button for many bodily activities. When we focus on our breath, we avoid any distraction while enjoying the sensation of air flowing in and out of the body. This sensation can only be relished if it is present with present with each breath we take.

2. Try meditation.

Mindful meditation is an excellent way to teach our brains to stay present. Along with breathing, it trains our mind to feel any sensation that might arise in the body.

 3. Keep a Journal.
keeping a journal is another way to help you stay present. By writing down your thoughts, you can keep track of your problem, concerns, and any positive things that happen from day to day. This reduces overthinking, makes each day worth remembering and lets you enjoy it to the fullest.
4. You don’t have all the answers.
We do not need to answer all the “WH” question from the past or for the future. The past has already occurred, and the future is yet unknown. The past can’t be relived and the future is unpredicted. So, why don’t we just focus on this present moment, so we could attest try to craft a better future?

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