(Mini Assignment #3) Storytelling

We are all story tellers and we have wonderful stories to tell. Our mind is a powerful tool that can craft unimagined things, but in order to keep on crafting we need to sharpen this tool.

It is well said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and here I wanna tell you a story through those 5 images. First, I want you to look at the series of 5 images and take the desired message out of it and take a moment to grasp it!


The message I wanted to impart through those images is that, life is not always bright and sunny (smooth and without hurdles); there will be dark grey clouds (negative thoughts, different perspectives, and tiredness). In such cases, do you wanna stay out and get all wet? Of course not, just take shelter (meditate) and you will see miracles happen. It will bring a shift in ideology, acknowledging things happen and everyday would seem bright and sunny.

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