(Mini Assignment #2) A Guest Post by Dr. Strange

Doctor strange punched by the ancient one

Hi, it is me Dr. Strange as you may have know from Marvel movies! Siddhant asked me to write a blog for his website, and I asked him what are the blogs about? He told me that his blogs are about mindfulness and mental health. So, this should be quite exciting as I have been following mindfulness since a long time!

I wanna start by mentioning my movie “Doctor Strange” released in 2016, and there if you have noticed I had my hands crippled. So, how did I heal and regain the abilities in my hand? Well, the simple answer is that, I used the power of my mind to heal myself. Yes, you read that right!

First of all, what exactly means by the term “mindfulness”? The term mindfulness means “a psychological state of awareness, the practices that promotes awareness, a mode of processing information and a character trait.” ( as cited in APA, 2012). In simple terms, it means being present and conscious in every moment.

Let me guide you through some of the benefits of mindfulness.

1. Fights Stress

Well, this was a given! let us be honest about how many of us have felt restless, agitated, anxious, difficulty concentrating,…? Not me! This are all signs of chronic stress but let me tell you following mindfulness will help you reduce this by simply bringing clarity to thoughts, increased awareness, calmness, and lower anxiety. 

2. Recover from illness

Mindfulness have many mental impacts, however there are some physical benefits too. There have been a lot of research on mindfulness and cancer. Mindfulness does not fully recover the illness in-fact it makes the recovery process much more viable. 
Mindfulness and mediation are considered as a good friend for heart health. Mindfulness brings peace, reduces stress and therefore lowering heart rate which promotes a healthier heart. 

3. Focus 

Probably if you are a student this one is for you! Mindfulness is a great practice to regain focus in any task you do. Mindfulness helps increase focus because it grows the neural connection in our brain and eventually rewires our brain. 

So, here as just a few but there are many more. I hope this sparks motivation in you for practicing mindfulness. I would have to say bye to you as I have to save the marvel world, but do not worry you have your mind to save you from difficult situation. So keep PRACTICING!



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