(Peer Review #2) Reviewing Design For ReadwithRachel

This is the second peer review of the course. This peer review focuses on the design aspect of the website. Here we will be reviewing one of my PUB101 peer’s website named: “readwithrachel”. The website is targeted at the audience who likes to read and book reviews to share insights on a book. Let’s get right into it.

Homepage starts with a beautiful picture of library and the placement is perfect as it greets the audience to get started with the website. Scrolling down the homepage the first paragraph tells exactly what the website is all about, however I would suggest building a dedicated homepage and have a separate page for the “About” section. 
Read With Rachel site's homepage.
Homepage preview
I am a big fan of black and white colour combination, and this website has it and looks really attractive in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is crucial to have a colour palate for diverse audience. This would make sure that there is a differentiation between various elements of the site. Colours can add a lot of value to the already valued website. 
Typography appears to be uniform through out the website. The titles are easily differentiable from the text box and from the references. I like the date on the top of title which adds a sense of chronology to the site. This all adds up to the uniformity for the site and helps the audience predict exactly what is expected in the rest of the website. Though, I would like to make a suggestion here, as said by Mauve Page (2022) during PUB101 lecture, it is crucial to have some white space and balance. I see that Rachel’s website uses white spaces effectively but the balance is shifted left aligned. The right side seems quite plain and dry. It would be quite nice to see a balance either by adding pictures to the right hand side or making things centre aligned.
Layout stands out the most about this website at least from my perspective. When we look at the book review page, the most interesting part is that the core elements of the site are maintained like the date, typography, white space,…etc. Moreover, there are added pictures and shapes that add nice overall feel to the website. The ratings are quite uniquely thought out like putting stars instead of the numbers was great touch.
Book Review Page from site "Read with Rachel"
Book Reviews Page
User Experience (UX)
When it comes to the user experience, the site stands up to the expectations and have usable features like a guide to the book clubs. Overall, the site was easy to navigate and I had no trouble finding what I was looking for. In order to improve even more and  create a pleasurable experience for the users. I would suggest adding the social handles, accessibility features to meets the need of variety of audience. 

Lastly, thanks to Rachel for letting me assess her website and spark a reading interest in me.

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