(Peer Review #3) Reviewing SarahJoyElawa


This is the third peer review of PUB101. In this peer review, I will be looking over the audience and marketability dimensions of one of my PUB101 peers, Sarah Elawa.

Sarah’s website: https://sarahjoyelawa.com

Sarah’s website is focused on self-care, and it is a challenge that she has given herself to track healthier habits in her life. Likewise, the content of my website also has somewhat similar content, which falls under the more general term “self-help.”

This review can act as a guide for both of us, as it will set the tone for things that I can get inspired by from Sarah’s website and some things that she can take away from this review.

Audience Reach

Sarah’s website is about her healthy life experiences and can be called a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blogs are really fun to follow, in my opinion, and have a diverse audience that shows interest in such a genre. As we have talked about in lectures, people scan through the website to decide whether they want to stay connected and keep following for more. I get the same positive aura right from the home page, which makes me keep coming back for more. I would like to make a suggestion following that: as it is a lifestyle blog and all about Sarah, it would be quite interesting to see a challenge or task that audience members should perform every week to keep them engaged. Keep a water journal, for example, and record how much water you drank this week, and then comment down below.

In terms of targeting the audience, this website delivers what the audience likes and prefers. The audience likes to see health and fitness content, and popularity among the audience is increasing year after year (data.ai, 2022). Sarah’s website has a lot of potential to create an audience base targeting all the age groups. Older audiences prefer fitness-related content, while Gen Z prefers meditation, so the cherry on top is that Sarah covers both. Great job there!


One aspect of marketing we have talked about in class is that in order to reach a large audience, it is important to be present everywhere—on social media, YouTube, your website, etc. As Steve (2022) says, success in content is given if you can reach the largest audience possible. One suggestion I can make to Sarah is that in order to reach the largest audience, social integration would help her a lot. Especially if she is comfortable using YouTube, she can make a lifestyle vlog, and I would be more than happy to subscribe. The type of content Sarah is making would be much more interesting if it were delivered in video format, as visual data encourages engagement.

She can begin monetizing and creating branded content once she has a sizable tribe of die-hard fans or followers. For instance, paid product reviews; creating her own merchandise, like a vitamin tracking chart; water bottles; etc. Because she is a publishing major, I would insist on keeping this website and expanding it over time.


Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing Sarah’s website. It was aesthetically pleasing, and the content was fruitful. It was so good to see how like-minded creators are doing, and it inspires me even further to keep posting helpful content out to my audience. As said, there is still some room for improvement in areas like social integration, some further tips to engage the audience, and marketing aspects. However, this website is just a few months old, and there is a long way to go. Hopefully, if you will be keeping the website, it will be pleasant to see how it turns out.


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