(Process Post #11) Multimedia Integration

This week (November 22–November 29), we got our second review feedback from our TA. Thank you, Lauren, for giving out such a detailed review to help me out with building my online presence. I will be incorporating this feedback into my website this coming week. Apart from that, in class, we discussed the importance of being present in multiple places, whether it be social media, a website, YouTube, etc., in order to reach a diverse and larger audience.

My website is focused on meditation and mental health, and there is no doubt as to why I should educate about this type of content on social media platforms (like Facebook and Instagram) as well. There are several reasons to be present on social media and on my website.

1. Brand Presence

In order to build trust amongst the audience, it is important to be everywhere. People who connect with my content on social media are more likely to visit my website.

2. Ease Of Use

Most of us are familiar with using social media. It is there with us wherever we go (on our phones). Furthermore, the shareability feature provided by social media is by far the best of any content medium. As a result, I can create a post or story on social media with a “read more” link to my website; this will help me divert more audience from social media to regularly check up on my content on the website.

3. Audience Insights

Many social media platforms like Instagram offer data insights on their business accounts; this data ranges from demographics, the time of day with the most interactions, etc. Hence, this can come in handy, as more people are on social media than on a website. This data would be more diverse and have greater numbers than Google Analytics due to the number of users on social media. Hence, this data can be a valuable tool for me to apply to my content on any platform.

4. Share Positivity In A Negative Environment

As I have talked about in the essay as well as in one of the blogs on my website, social media is biassed and a negative environment for many of us. However, it is crucial to be present on social media and share positive teachings in a negative environment.

As a result, social media (particularly Instagram and Facebook, due to its large user base), are an excellent way to reach a large number of people. Furthermore, I may be incorrect about who my intended audience is; for example, if I start a social media page and discover that a wide range of people enjoy this type of content, I should probably give it a try!

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