(Process Post #12) It’s A Wrap

It’s the last week of classes, and it’s true what they say: saying goodbye is difficult. I must say, PUB101 was a fantastic class! I took it as an elective; I had no idea what I was getting into, but I actually got into a lot of good stuff. This was like a brief introduction to writing, designing, promoting, and creating. This course was all about me, from me, and for me. Here, I was allowed to be creative and do things that I loved. Being honest, apart from Computer Science “app development” classes, this was the class that seemed practically useful.

The following are just a few of the things I learned in this course:

  • I got hands-on experience with WordPress.
  • Learned design basics like shape, colours, contrast, UI/UX, etc.
  • Website monetization.
  • The importance of user data and SEO.
  • Benefits of integrating multiple platforms.
Now, when I look back at what the vision was and how things turned out, I can say this is what I wanted to craft. Meditation is a topic that I love researching and learning more about, and as I dive deep into this topic, I discover new things about myself. Using the knowledge from PUB101, I get to research, write, and share knowledge on mental health, too, on my own website. This personal space gave me the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge on meditation and mental health.

Overall, I have managed to incorporate the thoughtful feedback from my peers and our TA, Lauren, into my website. Apart from the header, where “Here in this moment” seems unreadable, I did not find a way to blur the water background through WordPress, but apart from that, I have tried my best to take all feedback into consideration and apply it here. So, thanks for taking time out to review my website.

Unfortunately, this will be my last line on the “Process Post” page, and I will leave it here. Thank you to everyone who was part of this course, and I hope you all have a wonderful life ahead. As I always say, “KEEP PRACTISING!”

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