(Process Post #2) Heading Towards The Vision

Week 2 of PUB101 is where things are getting real. This week is about narrowing down the vision for the online self and getting started with WordPress.

First, let’s talk about the vision I have for my online self.

Vision Board
The big plan is to generate content that I am familiar with and love researching. On this website, I want to be honest and create a welcoming environment for my audience. I am planning to generate content on mental wellbeing and give insights on the power of meditation. Moreover, I am still unsure how I want to put the design together so that it will bring a calming experience to the users, but that is something that I will be experimenting with as I get my hands dirty with WordPress. My idea for a colour palette is to use some colour to represent the chakras in our bodies. Lastly, I want an identity, so perhaps to help me achieve that, I would create a logo.

I will be honest here; WordPress is something that I am using for the very first time, so please forgive me if I make a lot of mistakes. As a computer science student, I would ask my best friend “YouTube” to guide me through, and of course, Lauren. As suggested by Lauren, I have decided to start with one of the common themes, “Astra.” I also downloaded the Elementor plugin to help with design.

As a beginner, I have been following this Elementor tutorial that I found on YouTube.
“About” Page 
The first and most important step in gaining the trust of an audience is to introduce yourself.On a digital platform, there is nothing better than a dedicated “About” page that tells the audience who you are. I have created an “About” page, which I plan to have accessible through the navigation bar. For now, you can take a look at it by clicking here.

In order to neatly present it to the audience, I have taken the idea from Cult of Pedagogy.”


That will be it for this week. I am so excited to see how things work out from here, and I will keep you posted with the process prompts. Till then, take care. 🙂

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