(Process Post #5) Am I An Editor Or A Writer?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of journaling and writing down thoughts that come to the mind. We are all thinkers and we have thousands of thought in a day, some stick by and some vanish. Hence, in order to stretch some ideas for later it is important to note them. This is what author Doctorow have been referring to as the common place, a way to keep these thoughts together.

Since I have started writing blogs on this website, I have realized how useful this private notes and ideas jotted down in the common place can become. Ideas in these blogs are drawn from this common place, researched and refined, and finally posted out for reference that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. 

Blogging is like a puzzle, where we gather various pieces of the puzzle and combine them together to get a final picture. Each part of this puzzle is found by different roles unlikely found in a single person. As, this site is operated only by me, I have to fulfil all these roles. Roles of a content creator, researcher, writer, editor, designer and publisher. 

This website has a certain purpose to fulfil and focuses on a particular topic i.e. mindfulness. Hence, it is designed for a certain imagined audience, and edited to communicate a specific message. So, for me it is important to walk you around the topic of mindfulness and meditation. However, I like the idea of digital garden by Tanya Basu and it is something that I would think about for the future. 

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