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This week was quite different and more practical based than others, being a creative person myself I love things that are designed for your attention. I had a pleasure listening to the designing knowledge shared by Mauve Page. This week we looked at a lot of designing terminology and elements like: Fonts, Size, Shape, White Space, Contrast,…etc. However, one of the most important lesson I took from this week’s conversation and readings is that design is not just about how things look and feel, but it is about how it works as a whole. Is it cohesive? Does the user find it difficult to navigate? Is it usable? This all ties up to the concept of UI/UX design as termed formally. As defined here, UI stands for “How it looks” and UX is “How it feels”.

Now, let us look at a website that I have visited frequently.


The name of the Website is “Yoga with Adriene”, and as the name suggest it is filled with yoga content. I have been following this website a lot because it matches the genre this website is based on, and also as a audience I would love to go back and follow this website. Please, check their website and I am sure you would get something nice out of it.  

Home page of Yoga with Adriene

I honestly love the look and feel of this website, it is very pleasant to use. There are plenty of white spaces in the whole website and the content appears to be centre oriented. The custom logo also adds a nice touch to the design aspect and builds a sense of identity for the website. However, there are few usability flaws here. Firstly, the header could be nicely ordered because the About is the first thing here in the list, instead it should be the last thing. Secondly, the search is a part of header, instead it would be nice to have a physical search bar. I like the accessibility pop up on the side that lets the user customise accordingly to their taste and need. 

Navigation Bar
Navigation Bar

The site is very plain and dry in terms of variety in colour. The website background is white, and the typography is black. The title, content, links, everything is black coloured. It would be nice to see some default colour because colour can help differentiate elements of the the website and influence the interaction of audience with it. However, we can change this through accessibility pop up on the bottom right. Moreover, link are black coloured and bold, instead the conventional blue underline text. 

About page
About Page
I like the use of fonts in this website. Title and the text box uses different text that goes really well with one another. Also, the navigation bar on the header has the use of delicate text that looks really cool in my opinion. There is uniformity in the use of fonts throughout the website, this lets the users easily differentiate between different components of the website. 
Shapes are really an integral element of the website. If shapes are used correctly and their placement is balanced then it complements the overall website layout. Here in this website, shapes are placed with a balance. However, one difference that I noticed is that some pages have curved edges for shapes and some have sharp edges, it would be beneficial to have uniformity throughout the site. 
Use of shapes number 1
Use of shapes number 2

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